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Seven Things That Are Better Without Alcohol

Think booze makes everything better? Think again.

Would you rather take cheap shots of whiskey at a dive bar, throw up on yourself and wake up hungover with no wallet and no phone, or…wake up ready to crush your workout, hang with your friends in the sun and just generally kill it? You decide.

Here are seven things that are better without alcohol:

  1. Chasing thrills. If you’re a thrill seeker, there’s nothing better than a day riding rollercoasters, going whitewater rafting or taking your motorcycle out for a spin. When you add alcohol to these activities, you’ll find the thrills less thrilling. Alcohol can make you dizzy and nauseous on that coaster, slow your reaction time to the rapids and make you less alert on your motorcycle. Don’t let your day of adventure end with a trip to the ER and a call to your commander.
  2. Having sex. Erectile dysfunction, less sexual desire, unprotected sex, unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections are just some of the things you might experience when you combine alcohol and sex. Instead of a drunken, disappointing one-night-stand, go for a sober, consensual night of passion. You won’t regret it!
  3. Taking a road trip. Road trips are a great way to spend time with friends and visit new places. What’s not great is stopping every 20 minutes to pee or throwing up in the backseat. Drinking can cause more trips to the bathroom and dizziness. If you decide to drink on a road trip, do it responsibly. Wait until you reach your destination to avoid frequent stops and expensive cleaning bills.
  4. Spending time outside. Outdoor activities like swimming and boating or skiing and sledding can turn deadly if you do them while drinking. Alcohol can slow your reaction time, mess with your motor skills and cause problems in extreme temperatures. Too much beer in the summer can dehydrate you, while too much whiskey in the winter can make you feel warm when you’re actually dangerously cold. Stick with water to stay safe and hydrated.
  5. Working out. Lifting weights and drinking booze just don’t mix. Not only is it dangerous to handle heavy equipment while drunk, but drinking alcohol can ruin your workout the next day. Alcohol dehydrates you, makes it harder to build muscle and screws up your heart rate. Remember to drink plenty of water to get you through a hard workout, especially if you had a few drinks the night before.
  6. Watching a movie. You spend at least $30 on a movie ticket, large popcorn and beer. But when the lights go down, you start to drift off and can’t seem to remember what just happened. That beer can make you drowsy and affect your memory. Next time, skip the alcohol and enjoy the show.
  7. Sleeping. Ever fall into a deep sleep after a glass of wine only to wake up more tired than you were before? That’s because alcohol interrupts your sleep. Grab a non-alcoholic beverage instead to make sure you get a restful snooze.

Sometimes drinking gets in the way of a memorable experience. Instead of reaching for a drink before every activity, ask yourself, “Do I need this to have fun?” If the answer is always yes, think about getting help.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line at 988 and press 1, or Text 838255. You can also call 911.